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Q: How will this be enforced and what will be the level of penalties imposed by an Administration if a container is delivered by a shipper to a carrier with a mis-declared gross mass or if a shipper does not provide the verified gross mass for a packed container?

A: As a National issue, fines and other penalties will be imposed under national legislation. Enforcement agencies may implement measures to satisfy themselves that compliance is achieved, which might be expected to include documentation checks, auditing or random weighing.

As a Commercial issue, the penalties may involve repacking costs, administration fees for amending documents, demurrage charges, delayed or cancelled shipments etc. It should be noted that SOLAS imposes an obligation on the carrier and the terminal operator not to load a packed container aboard ship for which no verified gross mass has been provided or obtained. Compliance with this obligation by the carrier and terminal operator may result in commercial and operational penalties, such as delayed shipment and additional costs if the shipper has not provided the verified gross mass for the packed container.
[Note: The new SOLAS requirements apply equally to both under and overweight containers].

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