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Q: A weighbridge solution for Method 1, unless involving a process by which the packed container is lifted off the chassis, requires knowledge of the mass of the chassis and any variables (such as gensets, other gear, fuel, etc.). Will it be permitted to estimate these in order to identify the VGM value?

A: MSC.1/Circ.1475 paragraph 11. 1 states that these elements should be subtracted, reflecting 'the tare mass of the road vehicle (and, where applicable, the tractor) as indicated in their registration documents as issued by the competent authority of the State where these assets are registered. The mass of any fuel in the tank of the tractor should also be subtracted’.

Since the shipper remains responsible for procuring the VGM, that entity will need to establish due diligence checks to ensure that an accurate value is obtained. Use of a certified weighbridge or scale that complies with applicable requirements and standards in the state where the weighing occurs will ensure that the resulting calculation of the gross mass of the packed container can be relied upon as being in compliance with the SOLAS requirements.

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