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Container Weight FAQ

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Q: As a shipper I would prefer if my packed containers could be weighed at the marine terminal. Is that possible and would this meet the SOLAS VGM requirements?

A: A shipper may, subject to any national rules and requirements regarding approval and/or certification of such parties, contract with any third party offering weighing services to obtain and provide the VGM. This includes marine terminals. The gross mass obtained by a marine terminal would be a valid VGM provided the weighing equipment used meets applicable standards and requirements in the jurisdiction where the equipment is being used.

While many marine terminals have stated that they will be offering VGM weighing services, not all marine terminals are able or willing to do so; they may therefore apply a “No VGM – No Gate-in” policy.

It is incumbent on the shipper to ensure that arrangements are in place to obtain and provide the VGM, including for situations where the VGM must be obtained and provided by the “cut off” time established by the carrier before the packed container arrives at the marine terminal.

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