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Container Weight FAQ

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Q: Can I deliver freight to my freight forwarder without knowing the mass and ask them to weigh it and establish the verified gross mass of the cargo and issue the appropriate documents?

A: This is a Commercial issue.

See the response to questions in C1 above. The ‘shipper’ under the contract of carriage remains responsible for accurately establishing verified gross mass of a packed container.
If your freight forwarder is the shipper on the maritime carrier’s bill of lading, it may weigh the cargo, using Method 1 or 2, and provide the carrier with the verified gross mass of the container.  If you are the shipper on the bill of lading, you are responsible for providing the carrier with the verified gross mass. Where the verified gross mass is obtained by a third party, such as a freight forwarder, the shipper will remain responsible that the verified gross mass provided to the carrier is correct.  Parties in the maritime containerised supply chain are encouraged to ensure that their contractual arrangements take account of the SOLAS requirements.

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