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Q: Containers loaded as ro-ro are exempt; does this also apply where two containers are loaded on top of each other on a chassis?

A: For the purpose of the VGM regulations, there are exemptions for packed containers on chassis driven onto ships engaged in short ro-ro voyages of less than 600 nautical miles and no more than 200 miles from a port of refuge at any time. However, if such a container is on such a ro-ro ship for transhipment to a SOLAS containership (lift on-lift off), it will require a VGM in the transhipment port.

In some situations, it may be that two containers are loaded vertically on to a chassis for carriage on a ro-ro ship. Where this occurs, it is strongly recommended that the VGM is obtained in advance, since one or both will be lifted at the transhipment port. However, for the short ro-ro voyage there is not strictly any requirement for VGM.

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