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John Kirkland

John Kirkland

CEO and Owner
Independent Container Line (ICL)

John Kirkland is currently CEO and also an owner of Independent Container Line (ICL), together with his business partner in the U.S. ICL is a carrier that has been operating in the North Atlantic trade for 35 years.

John started his shipping career in his hometown of Liverpool in 1977.  He joined Sealand Services shortly thereafter and embarked on a career with Sealand that took him to the UK, Netherlands and the USA.  He joined ICL in 1989 and relocated to Belgium where he is based toay.  John became CEO of ICL in 2006 and an owner of the company in 2017.





Independent Container Line was founded in 1985 and has operated in the Transatlantic Trade for over 35 years. ICL offers an independent service and has built up a solid reputation in the market for outstanding supply chain reliability and superior customer service in both Europe and the USA.