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Tim Hartnoll

Tim Hartnoll

Executive Chairman
X-Press Feeders Group

Tim Hartnoll is Executive Chairman and owner of X-Press Feeders Group. Since joining his father in 1985 he has built up X-Press Feeders into the largest container feeder operator in the world, and through the Ship owning entity Sea Consortium, the owner of 43 container vessels. In this time, the Group has also consolidated multiple regional brands into the single global brand ‘X-Press Feeders’, and expanded to over 5 milliom teu year, operating over 100 ships. Tim has a Bachelor of Engineering Science Degree from Warwick University UK (1976) and a UK Chartered Engineer (Civil). Prior to X-Press he worked within the offshore oil and gas industry for 9 years (1976-1985), and established an offshore construction business in South East Asia for Brown and Root 1982-85. Tim joined the Sea Consortium Group in 1985 when it was a small regional feeder and local Singapore Agency (set up by his father Chris Hartnoll in 1972), and took over as M.D. in 1990, and as Chairman in 2012.

X-Press Feeders is the largest independent container feeder carrier in the world, providing reliable shipping solutions to our clients across a wide geographical network from the WC Central and South America, Caribbean, North Europe, to the Mediterranean and through the Red Sea and Middle East to Africa, ISC, SE Asia and North Asia.  As such, the Group has truly become ‘The Global Common Carrier’ and now ranks as 17th in the AXS listing. But none of these containers carried belong to the Group, as the business model and it's scale are unique in being simply the provider of SOC Shipper-Owned-Container FEEDER solutions to the Container Industry, rather than being a competitor; a distinction which enables less conflicted expansion into new regions, where X-Press’ management and processes have proven able to set up flexible networks very efficiently. 

In a commoditised Industry where margins are such a small percentage of turnover, Carriers are always exploring ways to replace fixed network costs with variable costs, and X-Press offer a global out-port feeder network which can be accessed through almost any variety of partnerships. Recent events in 2020 have further proved the logic of this strategy as Carriers found that the need for network flexibility became absolutely paramount.