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Global Container Fleet

According to Drewry Maritime Research, the global container fleet reached 32.9 million TEU in 2012. There are a variety of different types of containers that make up this fleet. Dry containers (standard and special) comprise the majority, historically about 93% of the fleet and in 2012 that was reduced to 89% of the fleet. The other 7% is split between insulated reefer containers and tanks. Reefers make up approximately 6.25% of the global fleet. Tanks, for transporting various liquids, occupy the remaining 0.75%.

Using these ratios, we estimate that the size of the dry container fleet in 2012 was approximately 29.3 million TEU. Reefer containers filled out about 2.1 million TEU of the global fleet and tank containers comprised about a quarter million TEU of the fleet volume.*

According to Drewry Maritime Research the global container fleet is set to grow another 1.6 million TEU in 2013. This will make the global container fleet about 34.5 million TEU.

 *volumes derived based on ratios calculated by the World Shipping Council, July 2013**

**ratios calulated from an average of fleet data from Containerisation International's Market  Analysis: World Container Census 2010. The data contained volumes based on container types over the years 2003-2009.