About The Industry

Other Liner Vessels

According to Alphaliner, about 20 percent of liner vessels are ships other than container ships. Liner ships also include some Pure Car and Truck Carriers (PCTC), and Pure Car Carriers (PCC) designed specifically to handle passenger vehicles and trucks, but which can often also accommodate buses, commercial trucks, tractors bull dozers and the like. Some Ro/Ro ships are also included. They can handle not only the drivable vehicles that are accommodated on car carriers, but usually project and heavy lift cargo as well. This cargo is typically too large or too heavy to be moved on container vessels.

There are also some General Cargo vessels operating in liner services. The holds of these vessels usually can accommodate both containers and break-bulk cargo, and sometimes they are equipped with their own crane for loading and unloading cargo. This makes them self-sustaining because they do not require shore-side cranes for port operations.