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Maintaining the Flow of Goods is Essential Work in the Battle Against COVID-19

The liner shipping industry, which operates container ships and vehicle carriers, has continued to move the cargo on which the world relies despite the global pandemic. As governments, companies, individuals, and institutions respond to the COVID-19 crisis, the first focus is and must be on protecting health and human life.

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WSC will use this section to direct the shipping community to meaningful information being distributed by governments and other instituions around the world.  The information is provided as a helpful resource.   All sources are working continuously to provide the best information possible and questions should be directed to the individual source of information.   We note with respect to all of these sites that their sponsors are dealing with fluid situations and imperfect information, and they are offering information on a “best efforts” basis.  We urge users to seek to confirm specific situations with local sources before making operational decisions based on the information on the various linked sites. 



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