Industry Issues


The safe operation of ships and the safe handling of cargo are core principles for liner shipping companies. In addition to focusing on the safety of their own operations, shipping companies take steps to protect the public health and safety in the countries they transit.

Safety in shpping has improved significantly in the last decade with shipping losses declining by 50% since 2005. So concludes a recent report "Safety and Shipping Review 2014," issued by Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty (AGCS). "This review focuses on key developments in maritime safety and analyzes shipping losses (of over 100 gross tons) during 12 months prior to December 31, 2014." 

Container Weight

Accurate cargo weight is an important factor in ensuring the safe operation of ships. Containers that are overweight, meaning that they weigh more than the declared weight provided by the shipper, create safety concerns for the ship, its crew, other cargo on board and the workers in the port facilities handling the cargo. Therefore, the World Shipping Council has been actively pursuing ways to improve the accuracy of container cargo weights that are provided to carriers prior to loading of the container aboard a ship.

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Containers utilized by the liner shipping industry are constructed according to the International Convention for Safe Containers. These containers also meet more stringent standards regarding structural integrity and container strength, which are developed by the industry through the International Standards Organization (ISO). In addition to developing structural standards, the industry participates in a number of initiatives to improve the safe packing of containers and the safe handling of cargo containers.

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Food Safety

As key participants in the international transportation of food, the World Shipping Council’s member companies are committed to complying with all applicable international and U.S. food safety regulations. Learn more

Seafarer Health

Because seafarers spend a significant percentage of their lives at sea, they invariably acquire illnesses from time to time. Learn more

Containers Lost at Sea


WSC publishes 2020 update to its carrier survey of containers lost overboard.