Geography Designated Authority Guidelines & Regulations Information Contact(To send email replace AT with @)
Antigua and Barbuda Department of Marine Services & Merchant Shipping (ADOMS) Information Notice Contact information
Argentina Prefectura Naval Argentina, Maritime Authority (Argentine Coast Guard)

Regulation 01-16 (ENGLISH)

Regulation 01-16 (SPANISH)

Brazil Directorate for Ports & Coasts (division of Brazilian Navy)     Portuguese only Regulation issued (Portuguese)  
Canada Transport Canada, Cargoes & Ship-Port Interface

Draft procedures issued in Jan. 2016

Ship Safety Bulletin RDIMS No. 11733860

Capt. Cedric Baumelle, Marine Safety Manager, Cargoes & Port State Control, Marine Safety, Transport Canada

TEL: +1 613 991 3143 


Ecuador   Letter to IMO regarding intent to implement October 1, 2016  
Jamaica Maritime Authority of Jamaica


Presentation explaining guidelines

Mexico Secrataria de Comunicaciones y Transportes Rules and information (Spanish)  
USA U. S. Coast Guard USCG MSIB on SOLAS Equivalency Mr. James Bull
TEL: +1 202 372 1144
Venezuela National Institute of Aquatic Spaces (INEA)

Administrative Order No. 910 as published in the Official Gazette 40,952 on July 26, 2016

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