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European Union Programs and Issues


The European Union's (EU) advance cargo security risk assessment approach is undergoing a substantial revision. The WSC provides advice on these issues to the European Commission (EC) and to the EU Member States through its involvement in the Commission's Trade Contact Group (TCG) and other Commission related fora. Learn more.

customs and vessel reporting formalities

From e-customs to the establishment of efficient Single Windows for vessel reporting formalities, the WSC is working with governments and intergovernmental organizations to promote harmonized modern rules and simplified electronic filing processes that fulfill advance cargo security and documentary requirements while reducing administrative burdens and costs for international commerce. Learn more.


european union maritime strategy

In 2009, the European Commission (EC) adopted a Communication on a Maritime Transport Strategy, which defines the strategic objectives of European maritime transport policy until 2018. Learn more.

mandatory filing of container status messages to the EU

Since September 1, 2016, maritime carriers have been required by EU law to file Container Status Messages (CSM) to the EU.  The objective is to improve the ability of the EU and Member State authorities to detect customs fraud and other illicit cargo movements.  The WSC has engaged closely with the EU institutions in the development and implementation of this requirement.  Learn more.